Our poles are available in uniform diameters right up to 200 millimetres and up to 5.1 metres long.

They are perfect for use in farm buildings, car ports, pergolas, retaining walls and elements of house construction.

Being lathe-turned, each pole is exactly the same diameter, no matter where you choose to measure it.

Each pole is steamed to maximise absorption before treatment to H5 standard, making them perfect for in-ground use.

The Pole Man carries a range of construction poles in stock, or can manufacture them to the specification required by a customer or engineer.

The finish is far superior to standard poles which have been through the peeling process. Our Poles provide uniformity that is impossible to match through the standard production process where poles are peeled rather than turned on a lathe.

The Pole Man can even turn poles in other timbers, should customers have special needs.